Specializing in Correctional Education

Northstar Correctional Education Services


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Building a Bridge Between Colleges and Prisons

Preparing Instructors
Working with security

Instructors assigned to teach in prisons may feel frightened or reluctant to work with felons.  We provide training for instructors to learn about the distinctive culture of prisons,  gain confidence, and prioritize safety.

Our training course for instructors can be customized to fit your program. 

Security is the primary objective of prisons; therefore, education programs are completely reliant upon security to succeed.  Collaboration with security staff is critical to gainning access to prisons, students, and resources.

Contact Northstar for assistance.

On-Site Coordination and Student Support
Student Selection
Student selection should be based on risk/need/responsivity assessments. 

Research demonstrates that successful programs target students for whom the greatest gains will be realized.

As stewards of the tax payer dollar, it is irresponsible to select students who are easiest to manage and most likely to succeed.

Northstar can provide counsel regarding recent research and student placement.

Successful postsecondary programs employ an on-site coordinator.  Teachers or other staff can serve this role. 

Training includes such critical components as student recruitment and selection, scheduling, and site preparation. 

We can assist in developing a job description which will encourage seamless collaboaration. 

Research and
Post-Release Follow-Up
Course/Institutional Scheduling
Integrating postsecondary programs with complex institutional schedules requires multi-layered communication.  We can help unravel those layers.

Program effectiveness is measured through students' successful transition  to our communities. 

Contracting with Northstar for evalution and post-release follow-up is an investment critical to program improvement and sustainability of the program.